Precinct Chairman – John Wertz

John Wertz is the elected Treasurer of the MCRP, as well as on his second term as the Chairman of Precinct 69.

Prior to being elected Precinct 69 chair, he was chair of Precinct 6 for two terms.

Since his parents were co-founders of the Republican Party in Central Louisiana back in the 1950’s, one of the most active chapters in the state, he was introduced to the GOP at a very young age.

After obtaining a Business Degree (B.S.) from LSU in 1977, he moved to Houston and save for 2 year stint in Wyoming, has spent most of his later life in the Houston area.  He and his wife Rae Lynn, who have two grown children, have resided in The Woodlands since 1986.

After a very busy career in the Oil & Gas and Environmental Industries that included a substantial amount of traveling, Wertz’s political activism picked up around the time the TEA Party movement took hold back in 2008 after the financial crash.  It was clear that all levels of government spending were out of control and were antithetical to his core principled conservative ideals.

He was a member of the No. Houston Tea Party, one of the founders and board members of the Texas Patriots PAC and finally Co-Founder and 1st Board Chairman of the Montgomery County Tea Party (now PAC).  As has been the tradition of leadership at MCTP(PAC), he did one term then encouraged others to run for a variety of positions, including his chair position, to keep the ideas in the organization fresh. He’s been the chair of the very successful and well known MCTP PAC Vetting Committee now for over 5 years.

He was instrumental, with majority of many other chairs desiring more participation opportunities in the party, in instituting new bylaws on June 26,2018.

The stated goals and objectives were/are:

·         Decentralize the structure of MCRP so that everyone has a say

·         Equalize by making MCRP more fair and transparent.

·         Revitalize the party by being more inclusive of all Republicans.

It’s anticipated that the local party participation will grow with these new initiatives in place and he encourages engagement by all, so that you may have a voice.